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Kevin Arnemann - NxNW
12" Vinyl

Kevin Arnemann


Glass Talk Records

Released: 4th May 2018 | 4 track ambient techno ep

GlassTalk Records return, only 6 months after their debut release, with 'NxNW' from Kevin Arnemann. The Taped Artifact founder delivers a 4-track of icy minimal techno, highlighting his ear for the atmospheric.

The title track kicks Arnemann's EP off to a pacey start with crisp hi-hats and a call and response-style bass line. The track is swathed in airy drone notes and samples with an accelerating LFO envelope generously applied. Like many of his tracks, the use of dynamics and texture is exemplary.

'Chromatic Scene' is a tune that would be at home in one of the venues Arnemann's held residencies at in his hometown of Amsterdam; such as Club Poema or the late Studio 80. The track's spatial synths and muffled snares echo around the stereo image, mesmerizingly weaving in and out of each other's way.

The EP's penultimate offering, 'Czaar,' sees the producer move into a slightly less minimal, 'techier' realm, incorporating a bed of busy drum patterns which glacial pads glide in to the mix alongside latent bass rumbles.

Arnemann rounds off his 'NxNW' EP with 'Garces Highway,' a driving track with a dizzyingly filtered lead synth line which dips in and out of the mix in a staccato fashion.

'NxNW' EP is a confident statement of intent from the young 25-year-old producer. The deep understanding Kevin Arnemann has of the music he makes, born from the early introduction he got from his parents taking him to Awakenings Festival as an early teenager, is evident throughout this release. This EP is a welcome addition to GlassTalk's cannon of scheduled releases for the upcoming year.

"Classic dub-techno action, feeling the whole ep"
Scuba, Hotflush
"Really cool this man! Digging"
Edmondson, Lissoms
"Thank you for this. Yes I like the b1 dark house just how I like it makes me feel uncomfortable in a good way"
Machine Woman, Hypercolour/Technicolour
"Big fan of glasstalk records!! both releases have been regulars in my sets recently"
O'Flynn, Ninja Tune/Blip Discs
"This is cool. thank you :) Very ~detroity ~ early 90s vibes.Its very up my street. Will definitely play it out :)"
Peach, NTS/Intergraded