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Aldo Vanucci - Straight Lift Album Sampler
12" Vinyl
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Aldo Vanucci

Straight Lift Album Sampler

Good Living Records

Released: 21st May 2007 | 4 track beats & breaks single
Making another appearance on wax is the hardy perennial “When I See You Smile†from “Plymouths 14th Best DJ†and digger to the stars †Aldo Vanucci. This time breakbeat heavyhitters Fatboy Slim and Deadly Avenger square up for a no holds barred battle of the breaks, giving it a new lease of life for dancefloors everywhere. The Fatboy weighs in with a digitally dubby take on the track, repeating the well known vocal hook and adding his trademark production. Deadly Avenger comes back with a suckerpunch, dropping some old school block party classics into the mix for an all out spot-the-breaks mix. You also get two brand new tracks from the forthcoming album, the catchy “Lets Get Down†and “Holla Down†featuring Aphletik, making a welcome return for this talented producer.