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Amie J & Aldo Vanucci - Naïve (Aldo Vanucci Presents Amie J)
7" Vinyl
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Amie J & Aldo Vanucci

Naïve (Aldo Vanucci Presents Amie J)

Good Living Records

Released: 10th December 2007 | 2 track pop single
Hitting somewhat of a winning streak at the moment, Plymouth's Aldo Vanucci hits the jackpot once again with this glorious cover of The Kooks student union favourite. What starts off sounding like a brooding Rza production, soon transforms into a bubbling funk/pop monster, that due to the insanely catchy and instantly recognisable chorus, will have you hooked within seconds. There's plenty of cover versions around at the moment, but not many pull it off quite as well as this. An album is already underway, already picking up significant interest from a number of labels and if Erykah Badu had heard it, we are sure she'd be flattered by her influence. Available on 7 only with downloads from iTunes to follow shortly.