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Samoyed - Her Honey Dripping Behind


Her Honey Dripping Behind


Released: 6th March 2012 | 4 track techno ep

AndrewSamoyedused to be such a nice young man. Ask his oldest friends and they will no doubt tell you that if you were looking for someone to mind your amazon delivery whilst you were in Wales, or nurse the ailing rodent you just cycled over back to health,Samoyedwould be your first port of call.

And when he wasn't wearing lovely jumpers or impressing people's mothers,Samoyedwas toying with his synthetic pianos and computer chips to create ambient heartbreakers so emotionally potent they could reduce your most unresponsive uncle to a snivelling mess.

Imagine everyone's surprise then, when sometime after the release of his 2007 debut 'Always From This Point', without warning or reason, the famedSamoyedeye-glint started to cloud over. As much as everyone tried to fool themselves otherwise, something had gone horribly wrong in the young Geordie's mind-brain. His jaw was now so permanently clenched in brooding that his face began to change shape, turning angular and unfriendly. His eyes were blank and underlined with weary grey. His friends swear that sometimes you could actually literally see the anger bubbling in his belly. The change was also clearly mirrored inSamoyed's musical output: there was a new hatred in the young mans drones, a violence in his clicks. Most notably though, there was the addition of an element not seen (heard) in his music before. The Drum.

It was at this point thatGLUMdecided to sign him