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Netherworld - Morketid
CD Album
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Glacial Movements

Released: 30th March 2009 | 6 track ambient ep
MORKETID is a Norwegian term that indicates a certain period in the year when the Arctic winter cold encases everything and the sun doesn't rise over the horizon. It's a cold and dark period that distinguishes regions and people living in the Artic. Music is composed using short fragments of sounds found in the Artic area, these are documented and subsequently sampled and then completely transformed into new forms and therefore a new vision of the Artic.
"Lush and textural works that, at heart, are pure ambient music.Gorgeous!"
Small Fish Shop, Small Fish Shop
"“Mørketid” is a textbook examples of time-suspending isolationist ambient music. "
Textura, Textura.Org