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Frozen Thoughts - Calm Before The Storm

Frozen Thoughts

Calm Before The Storm

Glacial Movements

Released: 5th August 2013 | 5 track ambient album

Petar Sakic (Frozen Thoughts, Phobos), started to produce music in 1999, heavily influenced by hardcore/gabba and industrial sounds. His 1st hardcore release under name Phobos, was out in 2004 on a very popular Dutch label called DNA tracks. After several years of producing and releasing hardcore music for a couple of Dutch labels, Petar wanted to look in a bit different direction and expand his productions skills on different genres of electronic music. In 2005 when he heard Substrata by Biosphere, he instantly fell in love with that type of ambient music, it was an love at first ''listening''. Petar than started to dig deeply into ambient releases and heavily influenced by already mentioned Biosphere, but also some dark ambient producers as Lustmord, Ah Cama Sotz, Atrium Carceri and Kammarheit, he started to produce his own ambient and dark ambient tracks which led to first two releases in ambient genre on Dark Ambient Radio cd compilations vol.1 and vol.2 from Germany. After those releases, Petar wanted to produce his first solo ambient album, influenced by beautiful Glacial Movements releases, he started to record various snow, ice and wind sounds and glue them with big and lush synth sounds which finally led to his first fully finished ambient album called Calm Before The Storm. First track of the album is dedicated to Reflections Of Dead Maidens, an old viking expression for Aurora Borealis. Second track, Eternity Without Time, is dedicated to eternal ice and vast white vistas of our poles. And so on and on, that's Petar's vision of this album.