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Iydes - Interior




Released: 15th December 2014 | 3 track techno ep

IYDES returns following March's 'Phase' EP on the Kompakt distributed Dandelion Lotus label with a new three tracker on LDN label GETME! (Drumtalk, Kit Grill, Dam Mantle, Becoming Real).

These tracks take the weaponised sub bass of grime and feed it through a techno matrix. With a background as a Garage private radio DJ, IYDES has refixed his fragments of Rave memory into Techno's minimal shapes, piling up slabs of concrete bass to pummel the chest plate.

The resulting work-outs bring to mind the analogue pleasures of Aphex Twin's scariest moments, not to mention El-B's darkest two-step moments.

"One to watch!"
Mary Anne Hobbes, Radio feature
"Taking an affiliation with grime and techno to concoct its own vivid alien shapes"
Dummy magazine, EP review
"We dug the promo of 'Phase' so much we requested an exclusive download"
Mixmag, EP review
"IYDES has carefully crafted a semantics of musical ingenuity around a scene history he seems hellbent on tearing to pieces."
No Fear Of Pop, EP review