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Various Artists - GETME! Is Ten

Various Artists



Released: 3rd November 2017 | 10 track electronic album

GETME! celebrates ten years of club nights, record releases, art projects and London exploration with a compilation of new music from roster artists both old and new. A mixed bag of sounds and genres with the likes of Kit Grill delivering his signature minimal sound, Hello Skinny jamming out with a jazz / funk flare, New York's Lil Jabba delivers his sinister mutant take on club music, Becoming Real takes us on a techno led work-out, Lixo explores tribal percussion and heavy grooves, Nicky Otter experiments with squelchy arpeggios and progressive synth lines whilst Erosion Flow soothes with ambient nuance and stripped back drums. Ten new tracks for ten formative years.

Run with love by Alex Hislop(AKA producer LIXO) GETME! has always been known for their brave and eclectic output. From it's humble beginnings as a club night in a West London pub in 2006 to now being one of the most well respected alternative institutions in the city, GETME! have long been pioneering music that isn't so easily definable.

"This refreshing take on electronic music has earned both Lixo and GETME! precedence in one of the world's leading cities for dance music."
Boiler Room, feature
"Drawing, DJing, collaborating and writing, Alex Hislop, aka Lixo, is the creator of eclectic art collective GETME!."
i-D, feature