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Vector - Lafíaji



G.R.A.P Music

Released: 24th December 2016 | 25 track pop rap/hip-hop album

Vector tha Viper needs no formal introduction; he has dominated the Nigerian Hip Hop scene since his debut in 2008. The award-winning rapper who has recently been making air waves with the hit single, 'What's that' is back with an album that serves to change the face of music with the fusion of diverse genres.

With an album release set December and a concert slated for 27th of December in Freedom Park, describing this album journey is an emotional one for Vector. He grew up in, Lafiaji (Lagos Island), it is in his blood; carnivals, riots, beef, love, worship, friendship and most importantly family.

These are all the corner stones of his experiences which are translated into the album. Coincidentally or not, his preceding album, 'Second Coming' was released a full 4 years ago in December of 2012, the latest album titled 'Lafiaji' which means Birth is apt.

To understand the future, we must understand the past.-Vector