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Rotifer - I Just Couldn't Eat As Much (As I'd Like to Throw Up)


I Just Couldn't Eat As Much (As I'd Like to Throw Up)

Gare du Nord Records

Released: 15th October 2013 | 1 track power pop single

This is the opener to the new Rotifer album The Cavalry Never Showed Up, a song about practically everything that's going wrong in the world, an angry rant, and yet curiously joyful as the band kicks in. The title I Just Couldn't Eat as Much (As I'd Like to Throw Up) is actually a translation of a quote by the German Jewish expressionist painter Max Liebermann. He coined this phrase as he saw the Nazi troops march through the Brandenburg gate in Berlin.

"This was the last song I had any small part in, in Rotifer. Makes me think I should have hung around"
Darren Hayman, celebrated songwriter (ex-Hefner), former Rotifer bass player
"Witty and sardonic"
Alastair McKay, Uncut
"a triumphant and powerful popsong"
Willow Colios,
"Rarely do albums have you completely hooked from the very first line - “You know I'd come from a time when every other bore/Felt the need to pretend to see it all before”. During the next five minutes, over a tearaway pop-punk workout the Jam would have been delighted with, Rotifer lets rip at everything bugging us about living in 2013, concluding “I Just Couldn't Eat As Much (As I'd Like To Throw Up)”."
Ben Howarth,
"Mr Rotifer in fine, caustic form"
Hanspeter Künzler, DRS3 (Switzerland), Musikexpress (Germany)