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XIII - Eocity
12" Vinyl



Gang of Ducks

Released: 15th June 2018 | 7 track ambient album

Eocity is the result of a study on technological failure and the imagination of a non-existent urban landscape.

This project features the use of a Yamaha ex5r, one of the rst synths to ever implement VL synthesis.

The Yamaha Virtual Acoustic Synthesis tone generation was born to try to accurately emulate the complex vibrations and other acoustic phenomena of real instruments and their sounds within space, but the dubious results of this technology gave birth to something more.

Its nal output sound happens to be cold and synthetic while being also organic and warm at the same time, welcoming the listeners into a feeling of an arti cial world that is neither digital nor analog.

In this world man is not around anymore and the binary language survived him, communicating with the rest of the natural environment, in respect of its laws and dynamics, becoming one indistinct entity.

Eocity is a place that exists in between the imaginary and the real one, gently oating as a digital tactile experience.