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Who Made Who - The Plot
CD Album
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Who Made Who

The Plot


Released: 11th March 2016 | 13 track alt dance album

The second album from 2009 mastered by Christian Wright at Abbey Road studios. The Quotes: Focused and brilliant (i-D), and WhoMadeWho return with all the dancefloor straddling guitar grooves of their debut (MusicWeek)

The Danish 3-piece band from Copenhagen founded in 2003 is playing a mix of no-wave, punk-funk and sneeky covers. Since then the group supported Daft Punk, LCD Soundsystem, Soulwax and Justice! Who Made Who are: Tomas Barfod (drums and electronic noodling), Tomas Hoffding (vocals) and Jeppe Kjellberg (guitar).

Videos for tracks from the album: Keep Me In My Plane

This Train (directed by Chicks On Speed)

TV Friend

The Plot (directed by Simon Ownes)

The info from 2009:

The band combines three completely different musical characters and merges them into a fresh new whole: Jeppe Kjellberg - the walrus bearded guitar player, has been part of the New Yorks experimental Rock and Jazz scene for years. He has even recorded a mini album with David Tronzo - guitar player of the legendary Lounge Lizards. Tomas Høffding - the bass man with the falsettovoice, has his roots in the Scandinavian Garage Rock scene (but always has been in love with fat discobasslines). And Tomas Barfod aka Tomboy is not only the drummer of the band but he's also known for producing some of the hottest Advanced Electro/ House music of the moment for labels such as Turbo, Kitsune and Get Physical. Now, here's the band's new album. 13 songs that are the perfect example for a band who uses a tiny production budget to widen, expand and multi-colorize their sound without losing their soul. There's a sexual and sensual authenticity to the breathed echoes of their first album. 13 songs which, when heard by Christian Wright - the legendary engineering-maestro at London's Abbey Road studios - lead to the point that he at all costs wanted to master this record by himself. The Danish guys created a brand new pop sound influenced by early 70ies Progrock as well as the complex side of disco music, with a very rough DIY pop approach and some well integrated electronic bits and drum sounds.

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