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Matthew Halsall - Sending My Love
CD Album
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Matthew Halsall

Sending My Love

Gondwana Records

Released: 6th October 2008 | 5 track free jazz album
Key selling points: - Debut release from Mancunian trumpeter/composer/ arranger/DJ and band leader. - 'Sending My Love' features an ensemble of Manchester's finest jazz musicians, who have collectively worked with Nightmares On Wax, Aim, Rae & Christian, Lamb, Badly Drawn Boy and many more. - An album for fans of Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Chet Baker, John Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, Sleep Walker, Soil & Pimp Sessions, Nostalgia 77 and The Cinematic Orchestra. - Gondwana Records is a new Manchester based independent jazz label, and 'Sending My Love' is its first album. Background of the release: At the age of 24, Matthew Halsall has already proven his worth as a multifaceted musician - he picked up the trumpet at just 6 years old after being taken to a jazz gig by his parents, and from the age of 13 Matt has toured the world playing trumpet in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Holland and America. In more recent years Matt has become increasingly drawn to creating his own music, and spends most of his time composing, recording and performing live. His current line-ups include: trumpet, saxophone, flute, harp, piano, double bass and drums. Matt has been described as a spiritual, free and meditative player who picks up from where the 60s modal explorations of Alice Coltrane, John Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders and Miles Davis left off. 'Sending My Love' is an album descended from modal jazz forms - the form allowing greater scope within the compositions for the performers to express themselves. Initial listening suggests that the pieces here are firmly rooted in the traditions of these jazz forms. Upon further listening, what becomes apparent is that Matthew's playing is informed by a vast and varied appreciation of many musical styles. Just check one of his DJ play lists and you'll get a flavour of where he's coming from; the likes of DJ Cam, Guru, A Tribe Called Quest, Digable Planets and St Germain are as likely to be heard as Pharoah Sanders or Yusef Lateef. These influences filter through the ensemble's performances, but at the same time the band retain a strict understanding and use of jazz forms. The end result is a jazz record of authenticity which will appeal not only to the jazz community, but also to fans of the laid back sounds associated with Tru-Thoughts and Ninja Tune. The album features a superb ensemble of Manchester based jazz musicians, which includes Jon Thorne - Bass (Lamb, Badly Drawn Boy) and Roger Wickham - Flute/Saxophone (Nightmares On Wax, Aim, Rae & Christian) both players are also members of matt's other band The Magic Bop, a collective of the North West's finest jazz musicians. Other members include: Luke Flowers – Drums (The Cinematic Orchestra) John Ellis – Piano (The Cinematic Orchestra, DJ Vadim) Sneaky – Bass (Fingathing, Mr Scruff) and Stan Ambrose - Harp (Super Numeri). The Magic Bop have residencies at Matt & Phreds Jazz Club in Manchester and Djangos Riff in Liverpool.