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Gamelan Voices - Pertiwi

Gamelan Voices


Gong Ear

Released: 31st March 2017 | 3 track ambient ep

This is Gong01

Gamelan Voices - 'Pertiwi' EP

File under : Ambient. Transcendental Punk. Fifth World.

On their first EP 'Pertiwi', Gamelan Voices spin a web out of haunting vocal, atmosperic synths, Bass guitar, and washes of Asian metallophones. 'Desert Soundbath' features a collaboration with Gonjasufi (Warp Records), who creates a rework of elements from the forthcoming Gamelan Voices album into his 10 minute+ 'Desert Soundbath'

Gamelan Voices are frequent guests on NTS radio, curating usually themed shows. This release will also be accompanied by a guest show on NTS.

Their live concerts / Live Ritu-Uals are 'lie down' concerts where the band is in the middle of the room with the audience around them on cushions, mats and bean bags.