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Invaders - Temporary Insanity
7" Vinyl


Temporary Insanity


Released: 15th September 2017 | 2 track garage rock revival single

The Invaders (also known as Intruders) was a 3 piece band from Houston (TX) that lasted a single year. Regardless of their short lived period, they managed to record what we thought needed to be heard and shared under Fortune Teller Records.

Once again, it was thanks to C L Milburn, that in 1966 that these songs were recorded but yet again, never got pressed.

Houston was a host to many early teenage garage groups, however they would have a better chance on the scene with original songs rather than covers, hence coming to CL for material.

Rehearsals after school and ready to go, eventually the would get gigs in adult clubs during he week, teen clubs, holiday inns as well as various other venues but never making it to the rankings on the radio nor television. That was reserved to other bands, but that's not the well-known story that we would like to capture.

Fortune Teller Records exclusive release of 333 copies