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Flora Quartet - Muzikka Organikka
CD Album

Flora Quartet

Muzikka Organikka

Gusstaff Records

Released: 9th October 2015 | 5 track ambient album


Marcin Dymiter- electronics, objects

Piotr Janiec - tuba

Tomek Stawiecki - clarinet

Małgorzata Wawro - slide projector, visuals

FLORA QUARTET is a combination of slide projections, field recording and the sound of musicians from the Sejny Theatre Klezmer Orchestra and Sztetl. The point of departure was the observation of forms, shapes, colours and sounds. Improvisation, composition, sound landscapes, humour and fairy tale narrations – FLORA QUARTET is at the intersection of all those elements.


Marcin Dymiter aka Emiter operates in the area of modern electronica and improvised music. He creates sound installations, radio shows, music for films, theatre, exhibitions, public spaces, and performs music during screenings of silent movies. He leads his own sound workshops and activities promoting the idea of field recording. Dymiter also works as a music producer. He has participated in music workshops in Poland and abroad, e.g. workshops led by Le Quan Ninh, Andrew Sharpley, John Butcher and Robin Minard. Dymiter received the scholarship of the University of Art in Berlin and was the finalist of the Netmage International Multimedia Festival contest in Bologna. He also received the scholarship of the Pomeranian Voivodship and the Ministry of the Culture and National Heritage (2011) and the Visegrad Fund (2012). The member of the Polish Electroacoustic Music Association. Previously a member of bands Ewa Braun, Mapa and Mordy.

Piotr Janiec – tuba player. Cooperates with theCentre Borderland of Arts, Cultures and Nations, where he started playing tuba. Involved in Klezmer music, he plays and performs in Poland and abroad. The member of the Klezmer Orchestra of the Sejny Theatre. He has participated in workshops of Paul Brody, Frank London, Steve Swell, David Krakauer and Mikołaj Trzaska. Since 2008, Janiec has been associated with the Warsaw music scene. He now performs with Trifonidis Orchestra, Trifonidis Free Orchestra, Frozen Bird, Muzyka Miejsca and Sejny Theatre Klezmer Orchestra. He cooperates with musicians such as Maciek Bielawski, Paweł Szamburski, Patryk Zakrocki, Raphael Rogiński, Michał Górczyński, Jerzy Mazzoll, Piotr Zabrodzki, Tomasz Duda, Paweł Szpura, Paweł Miśkiewicz, Radek Duda, Wojtek Traczyk, Ray Dickaty and Kamil Szuszkiewicz.ńskiego

Tomek Stawiecki - clarinet and saxophone player. Born in Sejny, Stawiecki is associated with the Centre Borderland of Arts, Cultures and Nations. He has participated in the long-term project of the Sejny Theatre Klezmer Orchestra. The member of the band Sztetl, exploring the archaic and obscure musical pieces of the masters of the traditional klezmer music. He is also a participant of the Banda Dzeta project. Stawiecki is a musician shaped in a unique way; without formal education, he learned everything during meetings, lessons and workshops with the outstanding musicians from Poland and the world, such as David Krakauer, Christian Dawid, Wacław Zimpel, Mikołaj Trzaska, Paul Brody, Frank London, Marcin Masecki or Raphael Rogiński.

Małgorzata Wawro is an artist who is artistically, visually and sentimentally associated with the band Jak zwał tak zwał. She creates and performs audiovisual projects, organizes concerts and artistic events in cooperation with Andrzej Kędzierski. For years, Małgorzata Wawro has initiated unique visual and music events which help build open and tolerant attitudes in viewers. Warning: her images draw the eye away from the ear.