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Peter J. Birch - Inner Anxiety
CD Album

Peter J. Birch

Inner Anxiety

Gusstaff Records

Released: 26th January 2018 | 9 track americana album

If you happen to come across anyone playing and making folk, alt-country or americana, they must have a good reason for it. And even more skills. This is the case with Piotr Jan Brzeziński, a musician who has spent last eight years proving that guitar music is not doing all that bad these days. Of course as long as you have your own ideas how to do it . This gentleman, coming from Wołów, Poland, never runs out of them and now he is just about to release his fourth full-length album called 'Inner Anxiety'.

Appearing under the name of Peter J. Birch, Piotr is a one-man orchestra who, no matter if alone or backed by accompanying band, needs only a few notes to build up unique atmosphere during his live performances. His career started in 2010 with the EP called 'In My Island'. Next releases shaped his style the audience enjoyed it and the reviews were better than positive. No wonder he soon appeared on the stages of the most important Polish events including Open'r Festival and OFF Festival. He has also appeared in front of foreign audience while touring several European countries.

Peter J. Birch's style has been maturing for years. The tender sound of guitar is accompanied by strong male voice, still rich in emotions. The lyrics are as important as the sound which is evident on each album by the artist from Wołów. Though his stylistic range is really wide, his consistency can't be denied. He skillfully combines William Fitzsimmons's with Ryan Adams, Wilco or Okkervil River alt-country style. Interestingly, fans of Neil Young or Nick Cave are more than likely to find a bit of something for themselves as well. Birch doesn't lack the courage to leave the premises of guitar music and does a few experiments with electronic music, following the trail of Damien Rice or James Vincent McMorrow. What all Birch's incarnations have in common is genuineness and authenticity, standing out from the sound environment. The musician puts his foot down with his newest album, 'Inner Anxiety' leaving no room for doubts whatsoever.

His fourth full-length is a journey across the land of extreme emotions and styles. You will find something rough and expressive, with the opener 'The Magical Rope' to name just one. The further you go, the more intriguing it gets. Melancholy meets daydreaming in 'Under The Willows' or 'Tango Bilbao'. 'My Dear Ivene' is a nostalgic trip to his previous recordings. Birch also dares to flirt with fans of some old sounds, including Johnny Cash. Hear it in 'Unlovable Man'. Be careful with 'Melinda'. She won't let you go unless you hear her at least twice.

There is something stunning that Peter J. Birch manages to accomplish here. He has remained faithful to his past, and yet you can't deny the feeling that his songs have reached a higher level. The album, sounding so subtle and cheerful, is a proof that Peter J. Birch is an artist aware of his potential, though still open, gaining experience and inspirations. Here he has forged it into great new songs. This is the case with 'Inner Anxiety', an album which has all it takes to be one of the best musical openers of 2018 in Poland.