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The Band Of Endless Noise - The Band Of Endless Noise (feat. Anna Nacher & Marek Styczyński)
Vinyl LP

The Band Of Endless Noise

The Band Of Endless Noise (feat. Anna Nacher & Marek Styczyński)

Gusstaff Records

Released: 23rd March 2018 | 11 track post-punk album

The Band Of Endless Noise has been active since 2000. The self-titled album which is now being reissued on a beautiful yellow vinyl LP as a Gusstaff Records/Endless Band Records collaboration was originally released as a CD/MC in 2001. It was released in Poland by the legendary post-punk label Antena Krzyku. It featured Anna Nacher and Marek Styczynski of The Magic Carpathians, previously members of the avant-folk innovators Atman. The album was distributed in the USA by Revolver and in Europe by Konkurrent. In 2001 a song off the debut album, We, Wearing The Sunglasses, was included on Cutting Edge Music From Eastern Europe compilation released by Tamizdat (USA), along with such great artists as Iva Bittova, Vera Bila and Robotobibok. The song was also aired by John Peel on his BBC Radio One show. The album got positive reviews all over the world.

In 2005 Post_Post/Rockers Publishing released the second full-length by The Band Of Endless Noise, Riders On The Bikes (produced by Mapa's Marcin Dymiter). In the years 2009–2010 Andrzej Widota cooperated with The Magic Carpathians sharing the stage with, among others, Charalambides and Primordial Undermind and becoming part of Damo Suzuki's Network (along with Skalpel's Igor Pudło and members of Job Karma). This collaboration also resulted in two releases by The Magic Carpathians Project: Gharana on the British imprint Reverb Worship and Acusmatic Psychogeography on World Flag, both of them featuring Eric Arn of Primordial Undermind.

In 2012 the band's more pop-oriented effort The Blue Nun was released by Falami Records (PL). In 2014 Adam Sanocki co-founded So Slow, a noise-rock band whose first two records Dharavi and Nomads were published by Instant Classic and featured Łukasz Jędrzejczak of Alameda 5 and T'ien Lai.

Excellent new Polish project based around various instrumental loops employing most every instrument available in Eastern Europe. Features Anna Nacher & Marek Styczynski of Magic Carpathians/Atman fame.
Revolver/Midheaven Mailorder, USA, 2001