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RITO - Rito
Vinyl LP



Gusstaff Records

Released: 4th May 2018 | 5 track experimental album

Rito is an artist collective the core members of which are four musicians: Piotr Pawlak, Michał Gos, Jacek Stromski, and Kuba Staruszkiewicz.

It's three drum kits, three drummers coming from three different backgrounds, plus a prepared guitar, samples, and computers.

Rito is a trancey, meditational, and occasionally experimental affair based on emotions and energy. In Esperanto, the band's name means ceremony or ritual. It's no coincidence Rito hark back to archetypal rituals, practices, and types of expression found in many different cultures and meant to induce trance, that is a state characterized by intense experiences of mystical, energetic, and therapeutic nature.

The idea behind the collective is to provide a platform for musicians, dancers, as well as performance and visual artists.

Piotr Pawlak is one of the most important musicians in polish experimental, jazz and yass scene. He was member of bands like Łoskot, Kury, Kaszebe II and YeShe.

During Piotr Pawlak's retrospective at Sopot's Teatr Wybrzeże, a 60 minute concert was recorded which later premiered on TVP Kultura. Currently, it can be watched at