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Dead Cat in a Bag - Sad Dolls and Furious Flowers
CD Album

Dead Cat in a Bag

Sad Dolls and Furious Flowers

Gusstaff Records

Released: 25th May 2018 | 13 track americana album

Dead Cat In A Bag are no strangers to the exploration of a wide range of genres. In Sad Dolls & Furious Flowers, they depict colourful cinematic and hallucinatory soundscapes that could easily be the soundtrack of a western movie set in years yet to come. The band's theatrical approach to music makes of each track a theater pièce in itself.

Boisterous while peacefully resting on the road of the old singsongwriting, they produce a modern one, boosted by electronics and non-traditional instruments. Yet, as old as the album's central themes: lost love, disillusionment, unkept promises dancing with anger, desire, beauty in a dystopic world touched by the hope of a brighter day. How can people manage to face the day? With an act of faith in the power of beauty. Sometimes personal and peculiar, looking for something true, Sad Dolls & Furious Flowers offers some sand from the Mexican desert, some snow from the Russian Steppe, a French perfume, a country & western waltz, and a dead cat with one life more to live.

Recored at:

Play Studio, Bischerasio – Turin

Confine del Bosco, Cavagnolo – Turin

Swanz's Place, Turin


Swanz: Vocals, backing and harmony vocals, shouting, banjo, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, harmonium, organ, balalaika, bowed guitar, e-bow slide dobro, percussions, piano

Andrea Bertola: violin, backing vocals, whistling, trottletron, mandolin, percussions

Scardanelli: accordion, piano, music saw, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, chumbus, longneck banjo, backing vocals, pump organ, organ, synth

Luca Iorfida: piano, bouzouki, backing vocals

Carlo Barbagallo: bass, electric guitar, MIDI instruments, mellotron

Davide Tosches: acoustic guitar, organ, electric guitar, melodica

Elia Lasorsa: upright bass

Stefano Risso: upright bass

Mattia Barbieri: drums

Matteo Grosso: drums, shaker

Oreste Forestieri: saz baglama, mandolin, mandola, duduk

Enrico Farnedi: flugelhorn, trumpet

Ivan Bert: trumpet, background sounds

Andrea Tarquini: acoustic guitar

Francesca Musnicki: viola, violin, cello

Luca Biggio: clarinet, bass clarinet

Roberto Necco: banjo

Matteo Minotto: bassoon

Francesco Valtieri: baritone sax

Kim Williams: voice

Isabel De Luca: voice