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Mapa - Fudo
Vinyl LP
Out 9th November 2018
Out 9th November 2018



Gusstaff Records

Expected: 9th November 2018 | 10 track electronic album

MAPA is a project of Paul Wirkus (Ex: Spokój, September Collective) and Marcin Dymiter (Ewa Braun, Emiter, Flora Quartet)
Gusstaff Records presents the rerelease of their legendary album Fudo after twenty years! First time on vinyl. 180g black + downloadcode.
Fudo was one of the most important albums in the late 90ies on the polish electronic, experimental and post-rock scene. Two musicians, originally in guitar-noise bands like Spokój (Paul Wirkus) and Ewa Braun (Marcin Dymiter) recorded a surprising mix of post-rock, jazz, electro-acoustic music and elements of instrumental hip hop. The Wire wrote a longer story about the duo and the album in December 1998:

For Those who still associate Poland with music of the pre- rathe than the post-rock kind, Mapa's debut CD, Fudo, will come as a real treat. It is packed with post-rock's understated but feisty motorik pulses, and the spaces opened up by the apre, repetitive rhythms serve as an apt musical metaphor for the continental divide separating Mapa's two principals. Marcin Dymiter, on guitar and bass, lives in Gdańsk, while Paul Wirkus, on samples and drums, moved to Cologne nine years ago. (...) The Mapa sound quickly took shape: simple, jazz-inflected double basslines are a constant presence, above which Dymiter typically unfurls a meandering guitar line, hovering magically in its own echo. By the time they recorde Fudo on the first three days of 1998, Mapa had achieved an easy balance between post-rock minimalism, and the eerie gilding swing and quirky design of texture-orientated producers such as DJ Vadim. The duo's twin ccordinates suggest a familiarity with German and, more specifically, Cologne post-rock.