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Jacaszek - Lo-Fi Stories
CD Album
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Lo-Fi Stories

Gusstaff Records

Released: 20th September 2010 | 14 track electropop album
Michal Jacaszek is a producer, composer & multimedia artist from Gdansk (Poland). He released this, his debut album in 2004. The album sold out very fast so Gusstaff are re-releasing the album, much to the delight of the many fans of the critically acclaimed albums Treny and Pentral, who missed these early recordings. LoFi Stories utilizes modern, widely experimental electronic sounds. Mixed together, they create an intriguing musical blend. The authentic incredibility of the record lies in the awesome texture of the music composed largely of old vinyl recordings of fairy tales used in surprising ways including scratching techniques. These sonic experiments are carried out in a highly disciplined manner. They sometimes lead towards sheer absurdity, sometimes evoke bizarre feelings of melancholy, but above all - make up a solid, logical entirety. Jacaszek is not using the fairy tales in a banal or jocular manner, so the ultimate effect is fantastic. The sort of music Jacaszek offers to his audience is not straightforward. It's not casual, either. It's by all measures extraordinary. The artist combines wooden, mellow tones of the acoustic instruments he plays himself (guitar, violin, percussion) with mind blowing sounds of synths and other electronic toys. The album brings the echoes of emo, idm or illbient. However, all these latest trends, have been used only as a tool to construct an utterly individual form of expression.