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Vital Elements - Cosmic Beings

Vital Elements

Cosmic Beings

Grid Recordings

Released: 5th April 2010 | 2 track jungle/drum 'n' bass single
Vital Elements is back on Grid with something different. Moving away from the straight up dancefloor sound he has become renound for, Vital lands on earth with two rollers from another galaxy. Showcasing his considerable versatility as a producer Vital changes tact and again comes up with two huge tracks that will have appeal right across the Drum and Bass spectrum, with recent tracks in the boxes of Pendulum, Grooverider and Hype a testament to this. 'Cosmic Beings' combines lush late 90s pads, dreamy keys, and a sublime female vocal with rolling jungle beats and a enough sub bass to rattle the entire solar system. On 'Murderation' Vital pulls his inspiration from the other end of the jungle spectrum, getting dark and grimey. With nods to the inspirational sounds of early Metalheadz productions on the intro the drop is very dark and cantankerous.