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URBS - Toujours le meme film
Vinyl LP
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Toujours le meme film


Released: 15th January 2007 | 11 track album
Reissue it is not! Found in a Parisian loft or basement it was not! 'Tourjours le méme film' was created and composed in a time long after the ideals and conformities pertaining to Paris in the 60's. The music is dramatic, romantic, mysterious, suspenseful. Often heroic in its ability to tell a personal truth unashamedly from the artist. The distinguishing facet of the album is the quality of being able to involve the listener. Engaged as a participant yourself, you find also stories, narration and recitals of that which has occurred past or present, or maybe even in the future. It's a wonderful and moving musical expression that is undeniably timeless. It was when Peter Kruder heard a six track demo that things really started to take shape for Paul Nawrata aka Urbs. Peter realising the warmth and sincerity in the compositions offered generously to mix down and co produce in his newly revamped vintage equipped studio. Hence this superlative album was born.