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Tosca - Suzuki in Dub
CD Album
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Suzuki in Dub


Released: 1st January 2007 | 11 track album
Early 2000’s mindbending Tosca-album “Suzuki†has gained global respect with its unforgetable calmness and quietness, inspiring artists around the world to reach a new level of floating hi-fi-space production. Some of the most talented masters of the arts called Headz and Dub joined their forces for this unbelieveable album of groundbreaking remakes from the already classic original album. Walkner.Möstl, dZihan&Kamien, UKO, Deadbeats, Baby Mammoth, Burnt Friedman, Cosmic Rocker, Dubphonic and Philippe Lussan invite to a journey into the time&space continuum of the world of Tosca. In this age of increasing stress and hecticism, just feel free to be led into a colourful place of relaxing Dub-scapes and moving funkiness. A DJ-friendly deluxe packaged 4xLP edition will spread these incredible mixes to sophisticated clubs around the world!