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Voom Voom - Mixes
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Voom Voom



Released: 5th July 2010 | 10 track leftfield/idm album
Who or what is Voom:Voom? Well, that's easy enough: a basic internet search soon reveals that they are the acclaimed 'Vienna-Munich Connection' ( of Peter Kruder (he of Kruder & Dorfmeister and Peace Orchestra, and the trio's Vienna leg) and Christian Prommer and Roland Appel (Truby Trio and Fauna Flash) The trio's more recognised monikers are easy to discern: languid, leftfield electronica; jazzy beats; a ray of drum'n'bass; and deep house. But what of VoomVoom? describes their sound as 'minimal groove',The Face said they were 'banging, and bass heavy', while the aforementioned Compost website - and it should know a thing or two - says the boys concoct some of the 'hottest, uplifting grooves'. The much-missed Jockey Slut once described one of their 12-inches thus: 'The Future Sound Of London getting down and dirty with Dread Flimstone, 4 Hero and the Scissor Sisters. A must have, in short'. DJ Hell described, succinctly, one of their twelves as a 'superhit'. So what else is there to know? Well, the idea of VoomVoom came into being at the wedding of Compost's Michael Reinboth in 1998, that much we can tell you. However, their reasons for being are plentiful and depend on who you speak to. According to Christian they are 'three lonesome souls, with no friends, who have the same interest in experimental dining'. Peter's account is a little more prosaic: 'We were always talking about our studios, new technology, new ways of producing certain sounds and most of all we enjoyed each other's company' What can be said with the utmost confidence, though, are their motivations. Bored of the rigidity of most electronic music, they deigned to create music that was so fantastically free of tired generic definitions. Gathering outstanding DJs and producers like Marcus Worgull, Mr. Charles Webster, Henrik Schwarz, Wahoo, Deetron et al. 'Mixes' now presents the best remixes from Voom Voom's monumental album 'Peng Peng' (2006) summing up 10 outstanding tracks for those that know good dance music.