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Naschkatze - Dilber
12" Vinyl



Geschenk Recordings

Released: 10th August 2018 | 7 track leftfield/idm ep

Naschkatze duo was founded in late 2015 by two visual artists and musicians Farhad Farzali and Ali Hasanov. Naschkatze goes beyond strict genre and style definitions and boundaries; the producers/composers duo constantly works on expanding and developing their sound resources through research of the musical heritage of different cultures of the world, with a special source of inspiration definitely coming from the Caucasus.

Foremost single track on the EP - 'Dilber' - is very significant to the authors since it sets the very start of Naschkatze dating back to 2015. At that time, the band came out to releasing a track in the form of a mini-album prior to the release of a full-scale LP.

'Dilber' is sourced from the samples of two songs – Dilber from the Lak Songs (*The Laks is an ethnic group native to an inland region in Dagestan, North Caucasus in Russian Federation) for baritone and chamber orchestra by Shirvani Chalaev with voice solo performed by the author, as well as the song Красивые листья падают (Beautiful leaves fall) by Thomas Korganov, performed by the Children's Big Choir of the All-Union Radio and Central Television of the USSR.

Several notable names of the contemporary electronic music scene - Ulrich Schnauss (UK), Johan Troch (BE), Nico Niquo (AU), Katya Yonder (RU), Dmitry Evgrafov (RU) - were invited to support the EP with series of remixes on its key track.

"It is really interesting! The subtlety of the synths is really nice!"
M.E.S.H., Dilber
"I must say that i REALLY like it!"
Ulrich Schnauss, Dilber
"It really sounds like nothing I've ever heard before!"
Nico Niquo, Dilber
"No stress!"
Ziúr, Dilber