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MYR14D - On My Mind EP


On My Mind EP

Get Some

Released: 18th February 2013 | 3 track house ep

Drawing on an eclectic range of influences, MYR14D, holds firm the belief that most genres of music have both the good and bad flags flying for them. The young producer counts metal just as much as an influence on his sound as drum and bass, from mixing Shogun Audio and Ram Records tunes with friends, to playing and obsessing in a long line of bands.

The desire to produce was created after this obsession fragmented, allowing the artist to find his own voice, at the same time as he looked for a way to add greater personalisation to dj sets. Most interested in the blurred lines between grime, garage, house and techno that dubstep left behind, this EP is a clear indictment of that.

His first EP with us, is built on club foundations, but with enough depth and versatility to resonate on many planes.

"So sick! Man can't wait to support these!!"
Tomb Crew, Tomb Crew
"Sounding wicked man, all about 'Stay 4 Me'!"
Elsewhere, Liminal Sounds
"This one's staying in the bag for a while!"
Kritical, Regulate
"Wicked production on these. Stay 4 Me is the one. Wicked stabs and bassline."
S.E.F, Switched On