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Kepikei - Velour Workout


Velour Workout

Get Some

Released: 8th December 2014 | 2 track rave single

Get Some's 13th release introduces the sounds of Sonic District label boss Kepikei.

'Soma' and 'Velour' are two bass-heavy takes on the various sounds to have emerged from the UK scene and beyond in recent times. Kepikei taps into the frenetic energy of grime, trap and dubstep, twisting it into exciting, oddball club music that bangs on a big system.

'Velour' brings together cavernous bass swells, chopped vocals and percussive groove with serious muscle. Its arrangement is tense and restrained, tailor made to keep a crowd in limbo. 'Soma' opens with grand organ chords, before switching into a lethal bassline and razor-sharp hi-hats. It is far more immediate than 'Velour' and gives the release two separate angles to the dancefloor.

Mastering by Goran Simonoski

"Both tracks are killer and would def do some damage in a club. Think 'Soma' is prob my favourite of the two."
Sam Elsewhere, Liminal Sounds
EZ FRG, Hoxton FM
"no idea what genre you would classify this under but I love it! Haunting, darkside, dungeon etc etc. Absolutely love Velour Workout."
S.E.F, Switched On Records