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Unslaved - Punjab
12" Vinyl



Grade 10

Released: 20th May 2016 | 3 track leftfield/idm single

Unslaved's 'Punjab' is a journey through three unconventional club tracks; hear genres entwined, sounds broken down and set free in the most spell-binding way. First track 'Punjab' is an eight minute creeper built from insane drum patterns and layered with an eerie, yet blissful melody. With an almost ambient quality, Punjab is an off- kilter yet perfect. On the ip, B1 'Apogee' is a dark masterpiece with the rawest, yet most striking of characters. A track that wouldn't have been out of place in early dubstep or grime circles with a spine-tingling bass line, 'Apogee' has that sparse, stripped-back feel where listeners discover hidden elements on each listen. Exploring the murkiest corners of electronica, 'Apogee' is an intense mover that sets a high standard for the release.

'TTA' or 'Tom Tom's Advanced' makes up the nal number on the 'Punjab' EP's trio. Just as dark as 'Apogee' and just as eerie as 'Punjab', 'TTA' casually switches from genre to genre and could easily be the soundtrack to a video-game (on acid.) Mind- bending build-ups, mystery samples and wavy breakdowns make 'TTA' a twisting and turning journey through the underworld of dance.

"As part of his three-track EP, Unslaved takes his listeners on a journey which delves into a combination of different sounds to form unified pieces. ‘Appogee’, influenced by early Dub and Grime, explores a dark theme accompanied by tense build ups and harsh drops. The intense yet subtle nature apparent in ‘Appogee’ induces a diverse feel throughout the song, clearly showing Unslaved’s wide array of production skills"