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Kollaps - Duprass
Vinyl LP
Out 12th May 2017

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Grade 10

Expected: 12th May 2017 | 5 track ambient album

Across GTi007, Prayer and Coops play into each other's abilities, with Prayer's classical ear and Coop's knowledge of electronic tones unifying to create beautifully haunting landscapes. Opener 'You&I' pulls on emotive pads, building to heightened tones with just enough rumble, whilst grainy percussion and aching vocals contest for the forefront. 'Sundance' continues to explore similar territory, utilising classical harmonies with grieving pads, whilst vocal cuts rise from ambience and lay naturally over the shifting garage swing. 'Beacon' goes deeper down the rabbit hole, as fragile synths fight off the grit before blossoming through the dampened textures, unearthing a serious roller that drives with high intensity right to the finish line.

B-side 'Iris' channels alien communication before striking pads lead the way, pulling bold percussion and heartfelt vocals to help search for redemption amidst pained expression. Closer 'Luna' works as a 9-minute epic, conveying dissonant keys amongst cold and flustered breaks before clearing the fog and allowing light to shine through, with truly blissful chords that hold the torch high till closing.