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8Ball - 8Ball EP
12" Vinyl


8Ball EP

Grade 10

Released: 27th October 2017 | 5 track jungle/drum 'n' bass ep

8ball is part of the Grade10 record label who has been popping up on Radar Radio and NTS Radio over the last few years. This is 8balls first release proper on Grade10 and it comes hot on the heels of the All You See Is Crime In The City cassette. 8balls rare appearances behind the decks have included Outlook Festival and Broken Sonics at Corsica Studios.

This Ep contain five tunes which cover ambient, jungle and hardcore. They all come ladened with overdubbed compression and bins rattling bass apart from Sepia is a jungle tune with only the synths left in. Tun3 and Maker are both short intense blasts, while Stages is classic jungle and So Good is reminiscent of late 91 hardcore.