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Prayer - Goodbye EP
12" Vinyl
Out 2nd November 2018
Out 2nd November 2018


Goodbye EP

Grade 10

Expected: 2nd November 2018 | 3 track ambient ep

Opener A1 'ACTION' is the most compositional of the three, a nod to Prayer's dedication for film music, which has shaped so much of his output. Dark, dramatic and dense, this track is an another-worldly combination of bass, synth and keys. B1 'LATE' is a dark, but euphoric jungle number that fits as easily on the dancefloor as it does for headphones. Skittish drums and emotive strings make this the most ravey of the release. Closing off the EP is B2 'GOODBYE,' a pitched-down, symphonic electronic ballad. Powerful vocal samples and compositional mastery combine here to make this modern love song.