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Various Artists

Grande Ville Records, Vol. 1

Grande Ville Records

Released: 9th December 2016 | 10 track electropop album

Grande Ville Vol.1 is the first compilation to come from the eponymous record label in Paris.

The French collective was brought together to form a close-knit family of friends and collaborators, using the cult Grande Ville Studio as a home where they collaborate and record under one roof. The label houses a diverse range of underground musicians, including studio founder Jimmy Whoo, Jazzy Bazz & Esso, Monomite, and Bonnie Banane on the growing roster.

The forthcoming compilation out this December comprises of both new and unheard material from the likes of Jazzy Bazz & Esso's hip hop duo Cool Connexion, lo-fi pop act Lonely Band, Oh Rare, Monomite, Zurich, the mysterious soul of Sabrina Bellaouel, and Loubenski as their mainstays. The eclectic compilation spans a seamless crossover of varying genres from French hip hop and lo-fi electronica, to dreamy LA influences, soulful jams and vintage synth-pop, all in effortless Parisian style.