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Jimmy Whoo - Motel Music, Pt. 2
Vinyl LP
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Jimmy Whoo

Motel Music, Pt. 2

Grande Ville Records

Released: 17th March 2017 | 9 track downtempo album

An urban legend tells that it is not impossible to fall on the studio of Jimmy Whoo as you head east towards Paris.First DJ, then producer, Jimmy Whoo founded the collective and label Grande Ville Records with friends and collaborators. For 8 years he has been immersed in studios, producing for or with other members of his crew.

A self-taught singer and producer, he composes and records almost everything solo. A fan of vintage gear, he composed the majority of Motel Music Part II with old keyboards, like a Korg Poly 800 II and a Yamaha DX7, throwbacks of the 80's brought into a contemporary form.

The representative of an artistic movement uniquely Parisian yet entirely without geography or time, an incarnation of a feeling that exists in both the past and future. Wishing to make each of his productions a trip, Jimmy Whoo and his collective created and built his own studio by hand as way to stay immersed in the music 24 hours a day.

Having worked with the likes of Bonnie Banane and Lonely Band for Motel Music Part I, Whoo's latest outing reflects on his soul and jazz influences amongst hip hop elements and modern electronic sounds for an exhilarating new sonic journey.Written over three months in LA, Motel Music Part II is to be released on vinyl and digital formats.