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Hamish Balfour - Daybreak (feat. Erik Rico & Tommy Ludgate)

Hamish Balfour

Daybreak (feat. Erik Rico & Tommy Ludgate)

Hamster Records

Released: 25th April 2011 | 8 track crossover jazz album
This record is essentially jazz trio music, but i wrote and recorded it with the aim to appeal to a wider audience who appreciate song based jazz more in the ECM/european style, and it has gained a lot of support and acclaim from DJ's to Jazz musicians to more pop orientated listeners. My main influences are Robert Glasper, Esbjorn Svennson, and Keith Jarret, on the jazz spectrum of things. I have been supported by the Solid Wax Label and Handson Music who run United 80 record store. Yam Who will be releasing a remix of the track 'Believe' featuring Erik Rico on ISM label.