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Fumaça Preta - A Bruxa

Fumaça Preta

A Bruxa

Hamhock Records

Released: 19th November 2012 | 2 track neo psychedelic single

Fumaça Preta are Joel Stones, boss of Tropicalia in Furs Records in New York, Alex Figuera, a Venezuelan drummer and producer, and Stuart Carter and James Porch from the UK raw, rare, psychedelic funk band, The Grits.

A Bruxa is a portugeuse language, fuzz drenched cover of The Sonics classic The Witch. Loco is a freeform mix of samba, dub, psych and funk featured Stones crazed vocal and spacey Moogs.

Boundary Pushing - Flea Market Funk

"It's crazy, but crazy in a good way"
Flea Market Funk