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Mo Kolours - Tears, Sand & Thorns (feat. Jonwayne)

Mo Kolours

Tears, Sand & Thorns (feat. Jonwayne)

One-Handed Music

Released: 4th March 2016 | 1 track alternative rap/hip-hop single

Mo Kolours' second album, Texture Like Sun, was the deepest exploration yet of his mix of hypnotic rhythms, plaintive vocals and an ever-shifting collage of sounds.
The first of a series of reinterpretations comes from Californian MC/producer Jonwayne. Mo Kolours extended the brief interlude 'Tears & Sand' and Jonwayne tapped into the emotional heart of the beat, offering one of his most affecting performances to date. Mo's melodica adds the sorrowful final touch to a rap song that manages to be both moving and mysterious.