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Marco Bernardi - Floating
12" Vinyl
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Marco Bernardi


Happy Skull

Released: 26th May 2014 | 3 track techno ep

For their fourth transmission, Happy Skull present a trio of dystopian fantasies from analogue maverick Marco Bernardi.

With a distinguished track record behind him, the bristol based Glaswegian needs little introduction. Here, he presents an EP dripping with pulsating analogue rhythms, alien synths and intergalactic swing.

'Floating' is a throbbing trip into rattling techno territory. Scattergun stabs, discordant chords and acid flecked electronics ride a militant analogue groove.

'Broken Boiler' offers a trademark Bernardi fusion of sweet, visceral melodies and rough analogue funk.Ragged 303 tweaks, raw bottom end and intense machine drums.

'Upside In' is a fearlessly wonky voyage into freaky techno funk territory. All twisted synth bass, hissing motor city cymbals and nightmarish, off-key melodies.