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Novo - The Open EP
10" Vinyl
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The Open EP


Released: 18th April 2005 | 5 track ep
Novo is the new project from Simon and Nic Ashton of the Latin funk duo the Big Bossa (viktor records) and Steven Halliday from the house styling Agent Sumo (virgin records). This collaboration developed due to frustrations within their previous bands coupled with their ambition to create new music unspecific of genre. With no desire to tred a familiar path they took acoustic instruments, beats and mutated vocals, stretched and transformed them into something unique. The result is the debut EP 'Open', which was produced and recorded in Barcelona between January 2003 and January 2004. During those months of recording, the latest music technologies were utilized, as were the talents of a number of singer songwriters from various backgrounds. The tracks Shine, Rain and Hey Neighbour were co - written with Barcelona resident Ayesha Mendham of Nu Jazz band Misnoma. Karim Benchaib lead vocalist of heavy metal band Firemouth co written by Alex and Simone Balzama of indie band Swirl. The result of these collaborations is a richly textured forward thinking piece of contemporary music which hopes to entertain and inspire in equal measures. Novo will be spending 2005 touring throughout Europe promoting 'OPEN' as well as working on two soundtrack commissions and a number of exclusive releases on Hardly Record and Softly Records.'
"It?s a lovely surprise and it doesn't half make you smile"
DJ Magazine