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Hi Voltage - Plays Music Of Hank Mobley
CD Album
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Hi Voltage

Plays Music Of Hank Mobley

Hot n Cool Jazz Records

Released: 29th October 2007 | 9 track single
In the fifties there were a number of good young tenor saxophonists, in fact more than ever before in jazz history.The saxophone had finally won its rightful place in jazz - and not only that, it even became symbolic of this music. It was the time after the war, and a new jazz style was causing a sensation – bebop. It was not long before people were calling this style hard bop as the drummers now played with a somewhat harder beat. Hank Mobley, was a particularly melodic player. He invented beautiful motifs and melodic lines. He was no rebel, maybe more of a musical esthete. Everything you could wish of a great improviser was just perfect. Frank Runhof presents his new arrangements of Mobley compositions on a small recent tour, and the release of this CD is the next logical step. It's quite amazing to find a group of German musicians nowadays that can play pure hard bop in the tradition of the great Afro-American musicians. Today, we can say for certain that the development of jazz has more or less come to an end. Sure, there will always be attempts to change it, to find new ways of playing, but nobody will create a new jazz style. This is why I consider it really important to start preserving the existing styles, as Frank Runhof has done for Hank Mobley and therefore for hard bop with this CD.