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Blockboy - Monument of the Broken Souls
Vinyl LP
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Monument of the Broken Souls

Hot Corner

Released: 16th June 2014 | 12 track trip-hop album

Following his debut EP Heartbox, Blockboy's new release Monument Of The Broken Souls is a highly complex and entertaining record.

Again, it would be very hard to label his sound, but still the mix of HipHop-Beats, catchy melodies, all sorts of sampling and Blues influences is astonishingly homogenous.

The inspiration to many of these sound jewels are faded voices of the past - old Blues records from Blockboy's Vinyl treasury. Accordingly, this record is dedicated to them: to the broken souls!

The vinyl LP is strictly limited to 300 copies.

"ein überaus vielschichtiges Groove-Monster 3.0... auf der Höhe der Zeit!"
Oliver Gross,
"cineastische Beats, die an Herbalizer oder generell die gute alte Ninja Tunes Zeit erinnern", Blog
"This is the lost love child of Portishead, DJ Shadow and Kruder & Dorfmeister. An album for a lazy, sunny afternoon"
Acid Ted, UK, Blog
"The Blockboy LP is that kind of secret joint you play at a party or in a café where people will come up to you and ask what it is. Unique album with a great sample selection, reminds of early RJD2 a bit in a good way. Favourite tune: “E E E”."
DJ Scientist, Equinox Records
"One of the freshest producer/beatmaker albums I heard this year!"
DJ Sepalot, Blumentopf
" can play this at a cozy party. Or while cruising on a coastal highway somewhere in the south. On rainy days in your room or at 30 degrees having a barbecue with friends. These tracks work always!", Online Magazine