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AM/TM - Steel The Summer EP
12" Vinyl
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Steel The Summer EP

Hector Works

Released: 20th December 2010 | 3 track leftfield/idm ep
On their first outing on Anthony Mansfield's own Hector Works label the AM/TM duo (that's Anthony with Aniligital's Tal M. Klein) come on strong with a righteous three tracker of epic proportions. Steel The Summer brings the summer to you. Think: steel drums, dubbed out boat drinks with tiny umbrellas, analog synths, girls in bikinis wielding M-16's, disco claps, supernova sunsets, a little bit of 'oonts,' and tanks on the beach. Sounds like the perfect getaway from the sounds of yesterday. It's the party stomping floor filling song that plays so nice you gotta drop it twice. And speaking of bikinis, let's talk about Front Butt. A track with a pretty serious fatness problem. It's kind of like what happened when electro met disco in a dark bar and they both had a little too much to drink and nine months later the funkiest little monster was born. Heavy electro bass synths meet disco cowbells and DJ trickery for a party in your FUPA. For Rain Dance Anthony and Tal seemingly get serious for a second. This is a track for all the heads in the house and fans of something like cosmic tribal disco. It sounds like a disco edit but it's an original. Big sub bass thunderclaps fuse with rhythmic percussion and sweeping pads, with a big breakdown that brings it all back together again. Make it rain!
"Front Butt has the fonk!!! love it takes me back to trinidad! nice one guys!"
Pete Herbert
"Great stuff chaps, spooky bells! get it ready for Halloween !!"
Stevie Kotey
"Diggin' Front Butt & Raindance especially. Thanks."
The Revenge