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Untold - Gonna Work Out Fine EP


Gonna Work Out Fine EP

Hemlock Recordings

Released: 9th November 2009 | 6 track dubstep album

After a prolific run of releases on Hotflush and Hessle Audio,

Untold returns to his spiritual home to serve up two slabs of

trademark 'what the f**k?!' bass music. Taking influences from

US house, grime, jungle, techno and a whole load more. Wot u

call it? As the tune says: 'Don't Know. Don't Care.'

I was blown away when I heard the e.p. - Untold is too far

ahead of the competition.

Brackles (Apple Pips, Blunted Robots, Planet Mu)

One of the hottest producers around, Untold is re-imagining

8 bar grime as the delirious rave music I've always tried to

present it as.

Bok Bok (Night Slugs, Dress to sweat)

For me, Untold tunes are brave, In fact, they're fearless. There's

a certain dubstep formula—then there's Untold.

Joe Nice (Dubwar NYC, Gourmet beats)

…Incredible moments of Wiley-style What Do U Call It

innovation, where expectations are banished and rule books

ripped up.

Martin Clark (Keysound, Pitchfork)

Breathing new musical life into a genre increasingly prone to

obvious hooks and bash-your-brains-in basslines.

XLR8R magazine

if there's been a better producer operating within dubstep's

increasingly clouded boundaries this year, then we can't think

of one.

FACT Magazine

Huge support worldwide from Joe Nice, Alexander Nut, Bok

Bok, Sinden, Gilles