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Bruce - HEK027
12" Vinyl
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Hemlock Recordings

Released: 10th February 2017 | 3 track techno ep

Following a storming barrage of kicks and whistles on I'm alright mate via south-westerly label Timedance, Lauded sonic explorer Bruce settles on Hemlock and kindly offers a trio of exotic and rare tracks.

'Before You Sleep' is a glimpse into the delirious vacuum of thoughts and weariness induced by habitual insomnia. Lethargic and leaden, the hollow kick drum casts a solemn meter punctuated with blasts of spectral resonance all set against an eerie distant chime. Each pulse weighs deeper as the temperature drops and atmosphere thins. Then it appears.

Cleansed with a lullaby melody floating towards the inevitable dawn, the scene is gradually swept away leaving but a hollow for the new day's air to fill.

'In Line' is a scurrying, pneumatic dance spiked with a punch of sparky leads amid pressurised snares and percussion. Never quite settling, frustrated, twice reset the rhythm steadies and we begin to synchronise.

'Sweat' is constructed in plain sight using concurrent bands of symbolic frequencies, each melding together to forge a self-sufficient protective network. Ancient geodesic blueprints inform the design, bolstered by a microscopic workforce of nano-fx and half-drops. Once this would have taken centuries to complete, thankfully we now have the technology and co-ordinates to establish contact before the next wave arrives.