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INTERVAL - transmit (feat. Todd Sines & Charles Noel)
Vinyl LP
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transmit (feat. Todd Sines & Charles Noel)


Released: 2nd June 2017 | 7 track industrial dance album

In 1986, something changed. Experimental music crept into the mainstream via cable programming and opened up a new world to unsuspecting youth craving for more. The seed for INTERVAL was planted in the 13-year-old mind of Todd Sines. From early bands ranging from punk, industrial, noise and techno, it wasn't until 1991, where he met his musical better half, Charles Noel in the formation of Body Release with Titonton Duvante and Michael Szewczyk when they really got the ball rolling.

25 years on, with countless releases for Peacefrog, Ghostly, Planet E, 7th City, Ongaku, Raw Fusion and Circus Co., their burning desire to leave a dent in the realm of post-punk, industrial, EBM and noise has resulted in INTERVAL's transmit, their debut on HELIC.AL, featuring their close friend Andries Boekelman on bass. Tracked and mixed using Sines's collection of vintage analog consoles, tape machines and effects units, it's a departure from the increasingly sterile digital environment most have come to cherish Instead, they've dumped laptops and pitch-correction for analogue time modulators designed for Stevie Wonder, and delays & reverbs dreamt up by Factory Records' Martin Hannett. Self-described as post-punk experimental shoegaze goth beat-driven mechanical dirges of love and lust, INTERVAL is what happens when you take experienced electronic music producers who wear their broken hearts on their sleeves and get them back to their formative roots.

HELIC.AL, the new label from Sines + Noel, functions as an constrained exercise to break from restrictions. Instead of the obvious new electronic dance music label that would be expected of these seasoned producers, HELIC.AL turns history on its ear, resulting in collaborations new and old. Future releases include works with Crash Course in Science's Michael Zodorozny as I/TMSZ, Soviet's Amanda Berkowitz and Alyssa Barrera as Artefactos de Delor, Möthersky, SSPS & Gramma, in addition to side-projects of side-projects of side-projects.

"acid Bauhaus"
Mike Rubin, NY Times
"Are these current productions? Hard to believe since they capture the unique, late 70s/early 80s depro-vibes perfectly as opposed to so many other producers these days who deliver just a stereotype of what they think made the sound from back then. I am especially captured by Interval who appear to be a dubby breed of Cab Volt/Eric Random and Ike Yard."
Peter Weiss aka Narcotic Syntax / Hypnobeat, Perlon / Dark Entries
"Interval embodies the classic spirit of 1981, but with the knowledge of the modern age. A heartfelt record that wears its heart on its sleeve, but with a eye to the future. The entire album is solid, but wane has a special place in mind."
Silent Servant, Jealous God