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Artefactos de Dolor - La Niña (feat. Todd Sines, Charles Noel & LDY OSC)
Vinyl LP
Out 14th September 2018

Artefactos de Dolor

La Niña (feat. Todd Sines, Charles Noel & LDY OSC)


Released: 27th July 2018 | 11 track post-punk album

Artefactos de Dolor — La Niña
Release date 23 July 2018
Alyssa Barrera vocalsTodd Sines bass, guitar, clarinet, programmingCharles Noel percussion, * bass, † backing vocalsAmanda Berkowitz bass °
Mixed and engineered by Artefactos de Dolor at HELIC.AL in Brooklyn, NY.
Artefactos de Dolor is Alyssa Barrera's [LDY OSC, The Bunker] means of expressing the grit and glory she has discovered being a native of Mexico, and having grown up on the US-MX border. A primal, ritualistic chanting of the ancestral calling within her to find the place where she calls home— the mother matrix in 237. The connection to the harmonic structures from the machines and the invocations called upon are buried in the electrical charge of the tape. Produced by Interval's Todd Sines [Peacefrog, Planet E, Residual] and Charles Noel [21/22, Ongaku, Black Nation] their background of experimental music and love of hardware has made these three collaborate and present Artefactos de Dolor.
A1- Al Revés °A2- Ritmo Primal † A3- ¡Animo! *B1- Llamen al Señor B2- Medicina Una RutinaB3- Siento ØC1- NE-SA-UC2- 237 Recíbelo C3- [Cenote Dos Ojos]D1- El No, El No *D2- Murciélagos *