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Pearson Sound - Pearson Sound
CD Album
Vinyl LP

Pearson Sound

Pearson Sound

Hessle Audio

Released: 16th February 2015 | 9 track techno album

LP version mastered and cut at half-speed by Matt Colton & comes with free download card.

Hessle Audio are excited to announce the release of the self-titled debut album by Pearson Sound, aka label co-head David Kennedy. Characteristically minimalist in approach, its nine tracks use a handful of elements to craft mesmerising, self-contained worlds, alive with motion and near-subliminal detail: from vast and inky landscapes, to electrifying rhythm tracks, where layers of percussion and bass tumble over one another like rocks in a landslide. Recorded between 2013-4, Pearson Sound documents a distinct phase of Kennedy's studio explorations. I had a signal chain set up that I was really happy with, and I started sending my machines through the same processes he says. Expanding upon the techniques underpinning his recent REM and Starburst 12s, its tracks emerged swiftly through improvised jam sessions; some were captured in a minimum of takes, while others later took shape through extensive sculpting and post-processing. A lot of it was made by feeding the the same sounds between two different pieces of equipment and they'd end up feeding back between each other and snowballing. On some tracks it's about harnessing that and taking it to the brink before it disintegrates, and some of them are about just letting it go full-blown out of control. The result is a record of striking contrasts: bold, stark and visceral, yet also subtle, harmonically complex and deceptively playful. While Pearson Sound's livewire percussive energy remains inextricably rooted in the club, this exploratory studio process has created Kennedy's most wide-ranging yet coherent body of work to date: a suite of thrillingly impulsive, expressive and open-ended music, untethered from restrictions of form.