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Sumo - Tribute/Factory (feat. Rigas)


Tribute/Factory (feat. Rigas)

Heya Hifi

Released: 15th October 2005 | 3 track house ep

Back in the 90's, Combo, one half of Sumo, was part of the hip hop project Grande Comboe. The group was fronted by FNO – a very charismatic spoken-word artist – who later on took the name Rigas and started working for the underground label Flora & Fauna.

In 2005, at SUMO's release party for their remix album, Rigas makes a guest appearance, delivering an unforgettable interpretation of Blaze's classic My Beat. Blown away by his electrifying performance they immediately invite him down to Heya Studios for two sweaty sessions.

On the song Tribute, homage is paid to the classic jazz-band sound. Starting out with the piano bass line, driving like a locomotive, Rigas then adds the words. After the recording of the horn section, Gunnar Bergsten (saxophone player, Grammy Award winner and Rasmus Faber's father) lingers, so Alf asks him to lay down a solo. But hey, what a solo!

Factory could be a tribute to Sound Factory in New York, but to be honest it's all about construction work. Fascinated by rhythms, Sumo decides to get seriously involved with the beats and all the things in between. Mr. Rigas explains the matter literally.

Welcome back to the sound of Sumo.

"I absolutely fucking love it!!!"
Simon Dunmore, Defected Records
"My favourite boys Sumo launch their new label by yet again inventing themselves, presenting something that is both expected and innovative, just like it should be. Very cool stuff!"
Rasmus Faber
"Keeping Jazz alive in the best of modern traditions. Tribute does exactly what it says, paying tribute to what has come previously whilst reaching for a bright future."
Robin Lee, Faze Action
"Damn, Sumo really make me jealous, every track they do is a dance floor bomb!!!"
Raw Deal
"I love the instrumental the piano lines, and the brass is wonderful......"
Nik Weston