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Bangana - Refresh/Bang Bang Bang


Refresh/Bang Bang Bang

Heya Hifi

Released: 1st January 2006 | 2 track house ep

Refresh came around one night when Alf was sound-messing around with a new microphone. Happy with what he was hearing, Combo phoned down a couple of friends to the studio for a boys-choir-test (you can hear them very well in the middle of the song). With all these a capellas safely stored on the hard drive they went home to catch some sleep.

The following nights they continued to build the song around these aural elements. Adding an old school b-line, electronic keys and clattering beats made the track sound somewhat techy, but still, thanks to the organic voices, very bouncy.

Bang bang bang is simply what it sounds like.

"Some serious house grooves here!!! We love it. Sensational and original."
"This is exactly what I love for my peak time sets. I love it, very original and fresh. I didn't play it yet..but I will for sure this weekend and I know it will be a killer on the floor."
Jamie Lewis
"This is very cool and unique."
Brian Tappert
"Once again, Sumo are pushing the boundaries with these two experimental tracks that fuse an old school chicago house element with a more contemporary electronic feel!"
Nicolas Matar
"My favourite is definitely Refresh. Cool! Refresh feel fresh."
Markus Enochson